Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Best Superhero game for Android

Ultimate Superhero game for comic book fans and superhero lovers.
It's time to decide what side you are on. Whether you are going to stand and fight injustice or be just another indifferent human being while violent crimes are being committed in your city. Your city needs a hero, a true warrior, a Superhero. Indifference of others doesn't justify yours.
"He who slays hundred is a hero. He who saves one is Godlike."
- Customize your costume.
- Open world levels.
- Name your superhero.
- Fight injustice, defuse bombs, free hostages.
- Just 29Mb. Highly compressed. No additional files.
Watch Game Trailer:


  1. I love your games...reminds me of prince of persia series and devil may cry my favourites.. do you develop them ..love your work.. m also a game developer and working on silmilar kind of games...

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